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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

How To Request a CDO Account

You request a CDO account by filling out the CDO Account Request Form. With that form, you can request a 30-day free trial or start using the CDO licenses you have already paid for. This article details the simple steps you need to follow to fill out the form. 

CDO Licensing

Use this information to buy a CDO license or identify a license you may have already purchased.

Request a CDO Account

  1. Get your sales order number and contract number if you have already purchased CDO.
  2. Go to the CDO account request page.
  3. Click Yes for agreeing to share your contact information with us. 
  4. In the Company and Primary Contact, provide your personal details.
  5. In the Your Requirement area, select one of the following:
  • 30 Day Proof of Value: Request for a 30-day customer trial.
  • I Bought CDO Already: You have already purchased a full CDO version but don't have access to it.
  • Partner Account: Permanent account used for demo purposes for Cisco partners. 
  • Internal Account: Permanent account used for internal Cisco users. 
  1. If you know the Sales Order & Contract Number, fill in the details. If you have already purchased CDO, you'll receive these details.
  2. Select the region for deploying CDO.
  3. If you provide Core Use Case(s) for CDO, it will help us understand your intent for using CDO.
  4. If you need a cost estimate, specify the device types and quantity to be onboarded into CDO.
  5. If you enable the Cisco Security Analytics and Logging features, CDO sends the event logs from the devices to the central log management system. Learn more about Cisco Security Analytics and Logging
    Note: This feature is not available in the APJC region. If you need access, please chose another region for testing.
  6. Click Submit Survey. The CDO team will process your request within 24 hours. 
What Next

You'll receive an auto-generated email that specifies the next steps.

  • Sign Up for Cisco Secure Sign On: Create an account on Cisco Secure Sign-On. See Initial Login to Your New CDO Tenant for more information.
  • Access Cisco Defense Orchestrator: You'll be notified upon your account creation. To access CDO, sign into Cisco Secure Sign-On, and select the CDO region you requested. 
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