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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Manage Multi-Tenant Portal

About Multi-Tenant Portal

CDO Multi-Tenant Portal view retrieves and displays information from all devices across multiple tenants. This multi-tenant portal shows the device status, software versions running on them, and many more. 

Note: From the multi-tenant portal, you can add tenants across multiple regions and view devices those tenants manage. You cannot edit any tenants or configure any devices from the multi-tenant portal. 

Before you begin

The multi-tenant portal is only available if the feature is enabled on your tenant. To enable multi-tenant portal for your tenant, open a support ticket with Cisco TAC. Once the support ticket is resolved and the portal is created, Super Admins on the portal have the ability to add tenants to it. 

We strongly recommend you clearing cache and cookies from your web browser to avoid certain browser-related issues that may occur.

The Multi-Tenant Portal

The portal provides the following menus: 

  • Devices:  
  • Displays all the devices residing in the tenants added to the portal. Use the Filter and Search field to search devices that you want to view. You can click a device to view its status, the onboarding method, firewall mode, failover mode, software version, and many more. 
  • The interface provides a column picker Column_Picker.JPG that allows you to select or clear the device properties to view in the table. Except for 'AnyConnect Remote Access VPN', all the other device properties are selected by default. If you customize the table, CDO remembers your selection the next time you sign in to CDO.
  • You can click on a device to see its details on the right.
  • You can export Export_VPNSessions.jpgthe portal's information to a comma-separated value (.csv) file. This information helps you to analyze the devices or send it to someone who doesn't have access. Every time you export the data, CDO creates a new .csv file, where the file created has a date and time in its name. 
  • You can manage a device only from the CDO tenant that manages it. The multi-tenant portal provides the Manage devices link that directs you to the CDO tenant page. You'll see this link on the device if you have an account on that tenant, and the tenant is in the same region as the portal. If you don’t have permission to access the tenant, you’ll not see the Manage Devices link. You can contact a super-admin in your organization for permission. 

Note: If the tenant managing the device is in a different region, you'll see the link to sign in to CDO in that region. If you don’t have access to CDO in that region or the tenant in that region, you'll not be able to manage the device.


  • Tenants:
  • Displays the tenants added to the portal. 
  • It allows a Super Admin user to add tenants to the portal. 
  • You can clickDirects_MSP_Tenant.jpg to view the CDO tenant's main page. 
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