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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Add a Tenant to a Multi-Tenant Portal

A user with the Super Admin role can add tenants to the portal. You can add tenants across multiple regions. For example, you can add a tenant from the Europe region into the US region and conversely.  

Important: We recommend that you create an API-Only user for your tenant and generate an API token for authenticating to CDO.

Note: If you want to add multiple tenants to the portal, generate API tokens from each tenant and paste them into a text file. You can then easily add the tenants one after another to the portal without switching to the tenant every time to generate a token. 

  1. Go to your tenant page, and from your account menu, click Settings > General Settings > My Tokens.
  2. Click Generate API Token and then copy it.
  3. Go to the portal and click the Tenants tab.
  4. Click cli_create_plus.png add the tenant button on the right.
  5. Paste the token and click Save.
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