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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Managing SSH Devices with Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) allows you to manage devices through SSH. These are the features we support for those devices:

  • Onboard a SSH Device. You can use the username and password of a highly privileged user stored on the SSH device to onboard the device. 
  • Viewing the device configuration. You can view the device configuration file.
  • Review policy and configuration changes from device. When you read the configuration file from the SSH device, it will be saved in CDO's database. 
  • Out-of-band change detection. When you enable Conflict Detection, CDO checks the device every 10 minutes for changes to the device's configuration. If there is a change, the device's status will change to Conflict Detected and you will be able to resolve the conflict.
  • Command line interface support. You can issue all SSH device commands to the device through CDO's command line interface.
  • Individual CLI commands and groups of commands can be turned into editable and reusable "macros." You can use the system-defined macros provided by CDO and create your own macros for tasks you perform often. 
  • Detect and manage SSH fingerprint changes. If any credentials or properties of the device change, and that causes a change to the SSH fingerprint, CDO detects that change and gives you a chance to review and accept the new fingerprint. 
  • Change Log. The change log captures all the commands you issue to the SSH device.
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