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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Move an ASA from one SDC to Another

CDO supports the use of more than one SDC per tenant. You can move a managed ASA from one SDC to another using this procedure: 

  1. From the CDO menu bar, click Devices & Services.
  2. Select the ASA or ASAs you want to move to a different SDC.  
  3. In the Device Actions pane, click Update Credentials.
  4. Click the Secure Device Connector button and select the SDC you want to move the device to. 
  5. Enter the administrator username and password CDO uses to log into the device and click Update. Unless they were changed, the administrator username and password are the same credentials you used to onboard the ASA. You do not have to deploy these changes to the device. 

Note: If all the ASAs use the same credentials, you can move ASAs in bulk from one SDC to another. If the ASAs have different credentials, you have to move them from one SDC to another one at a time.

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