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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Update your Secure Device Connector

Use this procedure as a troubleshooting tool. Ordinarily, the Secure Device Connector (SDC) is updated automatically and you should not have to use this procedure. However, if the time configuration on the VM is incorrect, the SDC cannot establish a connection to AWS to receive the updates. This procedure will initiate an update of the SDC and should resolve errors due to time synchronization problems. 

  1. Connect to your SDC. You can connect using SSH or use the console view in your virtual machine hypervisor.
  2. Log in to the SDC as the CDO user. 
  3. Switch to the SDC user in order to update the SDC docker container:
[cdo@sdc-vm ~]$ sudo su sdc 
[sudo] password for cdo: <type password for cdo user>
[sdc@sdc-vm ~]$
  1. Upgrade the SDC toolkit:
[cdo@sdc-vm ~]$ /usr/local/cdo/toolkit/ upgradeToolkit
[sdc@sdc-vm ~]$
  1. Upgrade the SDC:
[cdo@sdc-vm ~]$ /usr/local/cdo/toolkit/ upgradeSDC
[sdc@sdc-vm ~]$
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