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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Edit a Complete ASA Device Configuration File

About Editing ASA Device Configurations

Some types of devices store their configurations in a single configuration file, such as ASA and Cisco IOS. For these devices, you can view the device configuration file on CDO and perform a variety of operations on it depending on the device.

Currently, only ASA configuration files can be edited directly using CDO.

Caution: This procedure is for advanced users who are familiar with the syntax of the device's configuration file. This method makes changes directly to copy of the configuration file stored on Defense Orchestrator. 


  1. From the CDO navigation bar, select Devices & Services.
  2. In the Devices & Services table, select the device whose configuration it is you want to edit.
  3. In the Management pane on the right, click Configuration
  4. In the Device Configuration page, click Edit
  5. Click the editor button on the right and select the Default text editor, Vim, or Emacs text editors.
  6. Edit the file and save the changes.
  7. Return to the Devices & Services page and preview and deploy the change. 
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