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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Restore an ASA Configuration

This procedure describes how to restore configuration changes made to an ASA using Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO). This is a convenient way to remove a configuration change that had unexpected or undesired results.

Before You Restore a Configuration

Review these notes before restoring a configuration:

  • CDO compares the configuration you choose to restore with the last known configuration deployed to the ASA, it does not compare the configuration you choose to restore with a configuration that is staged but not deployed to the ASA's memory. If you have any un-deployed changes on your ASA and you restore a previous configuration, the restore process will overwrite your un-deployed changes and you will lose them.
  • Restoring a past configuration overwrites all intermediate deployed configurations changes. For example, restoring the configuration from 07/11/2017 in the list below overwrites the configuration changes made on 7/13/2017.


  • You can revert to a configuration stored within the last year.
  • If you originally applied a change request label to your configuration changes, that label appears in the Restore Configuration list.
  • Before you can restore a past configuration, the ASA can be in a Synced or Not Synced state but you must resolve any configuration conflicts before you restore a past configuration.


How to Restore a Configuration

  1. Open the Devices & Services page.
  2. Select the ASA whose configuration you want to restore.
  3. Select Configuration > Restore Configuration in the right pane.


  1. In the Restore Configuration pane, select the configuration you want to revert to. For example, in the picture above, the configuration from 07/11/2017 is selected and highlighted.
  2. Compare the "Latest Running Configuration Verified by CDO" and the "Selected Configuration from <date>" to ensure you want to restore the configuration displayed in the Selected Configuration from <date> window.
  3. Click Restore, this stages the configuration in CDO. On the Devices & Services page, you see that the configuration status of the device is "Not Synced."
  4. Click Deploy Changes... in the right-hand pane to deploy the changes and sync the ASA.


How do I recover changes I lost but wanted to keep?

  1. Select the ASA on the Devices & Services page.
  2. Click Change Log in the right pane.
  3. Review the changes in the change log. You may be able to reconstruct your lost configurations from those records.