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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Navigating Cisco Defense Orchestrator

This page provides an overall description of CDO's interface.

The interface is arranged into functional tabs. For more depth on each of these areas, see the Subject Topics below:

  • Devices and Services - Onboard and evaluate security devices and services.
  • Policies - Search, evaluate, and manage Objects, Access Groups and Application Policies
  • Objects - Search, evaluate, filter, and manage Objects
  • Templates - Develop template configurations for generalized use
  • Reports - See critical network events on all of your devices
Additional Links:
  • Cisco Defense Orchestrator Home (Cisco Icon) - General information related to your user account and devices and services under management
  • Walkthrough - Presents tooltip hotspots where you can click to get more inline information
  • Help - Context sensitive link to this help system
  • Support - Communicate directly with support with any issues that come up by clicking Support under the help tab
  • Documentation - View relevant user guides associated with each Subject Topic by clicking Documentation under the help tab
  • Account - Sign out  or switch between account user has access to of your CDO account. In addition, user can view information related to the Secure Device Connector used (whether using on-premises or cloud connections), as well as checking connectivity.

View the demo video for a brief demo of Cisco Defense Orchestrator 

Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact us through the Support link within the application or directly at

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