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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

SecureX and CDO Integration

SecureX and CDO

The Cisco SecureX platform connects the breadth of Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and the customer’s infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications. By connecting technology in an integrated platform, SecureX delivers measurable insights, desirable outcomes, and unparalleled cross-team collaboration. For more about what SecureX is and what this platform offers, see About SecureX

Allowing SecureX to access your CDO tenant results in a summarization of device events, including a total count of device as well as a count of devices with errors, devices with conflicts, and devices that may currently be out-of-sync. The summary of events also provides a second window that tallies currently applied policies and the objects associated to those policies. Policies are defined by device-type, and objects are identified via object type.

Warning: If you have not already merged your CDO and SecureX accounts, you may not be able to see the events for all of your onboarded devices. We strongly recommend merging your accounts before you create a CDO module in SecureX. See Merge You CDO and SecureX Accounts for more information.

SecureX Ribbon

The SecureX ribbon is available in CDO whether you create a SecureX account or not. Click the SecureX tab ribbon_2.PNG located at the bottom of the page to expand the ribbon. 

In order to use the ribbon, you need to validate your SecureX account. We strongly recommend using the same authentication login you use to access SecureX. Once the ribbon is authenticated, you can utilize SecureX features directly from CDO. 

If you opt to Connect tenant to SecureX or Disconnect tenant from SecureX from the Settings page, this does not affect how you are logged in to the ribbon. 

See the SecureX ribbon documentation for more information.


Troubleshooting SecureX 

 This experience involves two products; see Troubleshoot SecureX to help identify, resolve, or inquire about issues you might experience. 


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