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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Add CDO to SecureX

Allow SecureX to access your registered devices and add the CDO module to the SecureX dashboard to see a summary of your device policies and objects alongside the other Cisco platforms in your security portfolio. 

Before You Begin

Have you already merged your CDO account with your SecureX account? If you have not, we strongly recommend you merge your tenant accounts in Security Service Exchange (SSE) to facilitate tenant communication. Merge Your CDO and SecureX Accounts before you complete the following procedures. 


Allow SecureX to Access CDO

After you have merged your SecureX and CDO accounts, you must authorize communication between the two platforms and manually enable the CDO module to be added to the SecureX dashboard.

Note: If you have multiple tenants, you must create one module per tenant in SecureX. Each tenant requires a unique API token for authorization.

Use the following procedure to procure the API token from CDO and add the CDO module to SecureX:

  1. From the user menu located in the upper right corner, select Settings
  2. In My Tokens, click Generate API Token. If you need to renew an existing token, or need to revoke the current token, see API Tokens for more information.
  3. Save the token in a secure location in accordance with your enterprise's best practices for maintaining sensitive data.
  4. Log into SecureX. You must authenticate your HTTP login as well as log in with your preferred SecureX credentials.
  5. Click the Integrations tab secureX_integrations.PNG located at the top of the window.  
  6. Click Add New Module. Scroll through the available integrations and select CDO
  7. Click Add New Module
  8. (Optional) Rename the CDO Module. 

Tip: If you have multiple tenants, use this renaming option to identify which tenant the module is associated with.

  1. Enter the API token from CDO. Click Save. The SecureX page refreshes and redirects you to the Integrations page, where the CDO tile is now listed under "Your Configurations". 

Add the CDO Tile to SecureX

After you have enabled the CDO module, you can now add the CDO tile to the SecureX dashboard. The product's module accesses status information from CDO and reports the data to the dashboard through two possible tile selections. 

Use the following procedure to add the CDO tile to the SecureX dashboard:

  1. From the SecureX Dashboard tab secureX_dashboard.PNG, click New Dashboard. If this is your first time accessing the SecureX dashboard, you can also click Add Tiles
  2. (Optional) Rename the dashboard. 

Tip: If you have multiple tenants, use this renaming option to identify which tenant the CDO tile is associated with.

  1. Select CDO from the list of "Available Tiles" and to expand the option to see the available tiles. Check all the tiles that you want included in your dashboard.
  • CDO Device Summary. This tile lists all of the devices currently onboarded to your CDO tenant and their status. 
  • CDO Objects and Policies. This tile lists all of the policies currently applied to the devices and the objects associated with those policies. 

Note:  If you do not see CDO listed, then SecureX does not have a valid API token from CDO saved. See Allow SecureX to Access CDO for more information. 

  1. Click Save


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