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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Troubleshoot SecureX

SecureX UI Troubleshooting

You may experience errors, warnings, and issues while attempting to use CDO in conjunction with SecureX. For issues seen in the SecureX UI, you must use the SecureX documentation. See SecureX's Support for more information.  

To open a case about the SecureX ribbon functionality within CDO, or about a tenant accessibility to the SecureX ribbon, see CDO Cisco TAC for more information. You may be asked to provide your tenant ID.

CDO UI Troubleshooting

To open a case about the CDO module within SecureX, see the Support section of SecureX's Terms, Privacy, Support for more information. 

OAuth Error

You may encounter an oAuth error with this message: "The user does not seem to have all the required scopes or sufficient privilege." If you experience this issue, consider the following possibilities:

  • Your account may not be activated. See and use your registered email address to see if your account is activated or not. If the account is not activated, 
  • Your CDO account may not be merged with SecureX; you must contact Cisco TAC to resolve this issue. See Contact Cisco TAC for more information. 
Log into the ribbon with the wrong account

At this time, if you log into the ribbon with the wrong account information, you cannot log out of the ribbon. You must open a case in Support Case Manager to manually reset the ribbon login.

Unable to launch the SecureX Ribbon

You may not have access to the appropriate scopes; you must contact Cisco TAC to resolve this issue. See Contact Cisco TAC for more information.

For additional information on how the SecureX ribbon operates, see SecureX ribbon documentation.  

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