Synchronizing Configurations Between Defense Orchestrator and Device

About Configuration Conflicts

On the Inventory page, you may see devices or services have the status "Synced," "Not Synced," or "Conflict Detected." To know the status of an On-Prem Firewall Management Center that you manage using CDO, navigate Tools & Services > Firewall Management Center.

  • When a device is Synced, the configuration on Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) and the configuration stored locally on the device are the same.

  • When a device is Not Synced, the configuration stored in CDO was changed and it is now different that the configuration stored locally on the device. Deploying your changes from CDO to the device changes the configuration on the device to match CDO's version.

  • Changes made to devices outside of CDO are called out-of-band changes. When out-of-band changes are made, you'll see the device state change to "Conflict Detected," if conflict detection is enabled for the device. Accepting the out-of-band changes, changes the configuration on CDO to match the configuration on the device.