Automatically Accept Out-of-Band Changes from your Device

You can configure CDO to automatically accept any change made directly to a managed device by enabling auto-accept changes. Changes made directly to a device without using CDO are referred to as out-of-band changes. An out-of-band change creates a conflict between the device's configuration stored on CDO and the configuration stored on the device itself.

The auto-accept changes feature is an enhancement to conflict detection. If you have auto-accept changes enabled on your device, CDO checks for changes every 10 minutes to determine if there have been any out-of-band changes made to the device's configuration. If there have been configuration changes, CDO automatically updates its local version of the device's configuration without prompting you.

CDO will not automatically accept a configuration change if there are configuration changes made on CDO that have not yet been deployed to the device. Follow the prompts on the screen to determine your next action.

To use auto-accept changes, you first enable the tenant to display the auto-accept option in the Conflict Detection menu on the Inventory page; then, you enable auto-accept changes for individual devices. For on-prem management center, you can do this from the Services page by navigating Tools & Services > Firewall Management Center and selecting the FMC.

If you want CDO to detect out-of-band changes but give you the option to accept or reject them manually, enable Conflict Detection instead.