Create a CDO Tenant

You can provision a new CDO tenant to onboard and manage your devices. If you use an On-Prem Firewall Management Center Version 7.2 and later, and want to integrate it with the Cisco Security Cloud, you can also create a CDO tenant as part of the integration workflow.


  1. Go to

  2. Select the region where you want to provision your CDO tenant and click Sign Up.

  3. On the Security Cloud Sign On page, provide your credentials.

  4. If you do not have a Security Cloud Sign On account and want to create one, click Sign up now.

    1. Provide the information you are prompted for, and click Sign up.

      Clicking on Sign up triggers a mail to the e-mail ID you just provided, with a link to activate your account.

    2. Click Activate account both on the mail and the Security Cloud Sign On page.

    3. Configure multifactor authentication using Duo on a device of your choice and click Log in with Duo and Finish.


      We recommend installing the Duo Security app on a mobile phone. Review Duo Guide to Two Factor Authentication: Enrollment Guide if you have questions about installing Duo.

  5. Provide a name for your tenant and click Create new account.
  6. A new CDO tenant is created in the region you have chosen; you will also receive an e-mail about your CDO tenant being created, with the details. If you are associated with multiple CDO tenants already, on the Choose a tenant page, select the tenant you just created to log in to it. If you have created a new CDO tenant for the first time, you get logged into your tenant directly.

    For information about logging on to your CDO tenant for the first time, see Initial Login to Your New CDO Tenant.

    For information about managing a CDO tenant and various tenant settings, see Tenant Management.

Upgrade your CDO tenant to full version

If you are using a free trial version of CDO, you will keep seeing the You are in a free trial of CDO banner, with the number of days left in the trial period. You can choose to upgrade your CDO tenant to full version any time during the trial period. Contact your Cisco sales representative or contact Cisco Sales, and they can place an order on your behalf and get you the sales order number.

Once you obtain the sales order number, click Upgrade to full version on the banner and enter the order number to begin using the full version of CDO.

Request CDO trial period extension

If you want to continue using the trial version for 30 days, click Request for an extension.

For information about onboarding various devices to CDO, see these sections:

For information about managing devices with CDO, see these sections: