Restore an ASA Configuration

If you make a change to an ASA's configuration, and you want to revert that change, you can restore an ASA's past configuration. This is a convenient way to remove a configuration change that had unexpected or undesired results.

About Restoring an ASA Configuration

Review these notes before restoring a configuration:

  • CDO compares the configuration you choose to restore with the last known configuration deployed to the ASA, it does not compare the configuration you choose to restore with a configuration that is staged but not deployed to the ASA. If you have any undeployed changes on your ASA and you restore a past configuration, the restore process will overwrite your undeployed changes and you will lose them.

  • Before you can restore a past configuration, the ASA can be in a Synced or Not Synced state but if the device is in a Conflict Detected state, the conflict must be resolved before you restore a past configuration.

  • Restoring a past configuration overwrites all intermediate deployed configurations changes. For example, restoring the configuration from 1/31/2023 in the list below overwrites the configuration changes made on 2/15/2023.

  • Clicking the Next and Previous buttons will move you through the configuration file and highlight the configuration file changes

  • If you originally applied a change request label to your configuration changes, that label appears in the Restore Configuration list.

ASA Restore Configuration Screen

ASA Restore Configuration Screen

How Long are Configuration Changes Kept?

You can restore an ASA configuration that is 1 year old or less. CDO restores configuration changes logged in its changelog. The change log records changes every time a configuration change is written to or read from an ASA. CDO stores 1 year's worth of changelogs and there is no limitation on the number of the backups made within the previous year.