Troubleshoot Threat Defense Migration to Cloud

This section provides information to troubleshoot specific errors that may occur when migrating threat defense to the cloud.

HTTP Status Code 201 (Created) Found in FMC Response

CDO shows this error at the device level.


The Secure Device Connector (SDC) version is not compatible.


Ensure that the SDC is upgraded to version "202205191350" or later.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Secure Connectors.

  2. Click the SDC to see the existing SDC version in the Details pane on the right.

  3. Update your Secure Device Connector.

Device Connectivity to CDO Failed

The device is unable to reach CDO for one of the following reasons:

  • The device is cabled incorrectly.

  • Your network may require a static IP address for the device.

  • Your network uses custom DNS, or there is external DNS blocking on the customer network.

  • PPPoE authentication is needed.

  • The device is behind a proxy.


Failed to Configure CDO as Configuration Manager

When CDO cannot communicate with the device due to network loss, it fails to execute the configure manager command with the cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center.


  1. Check the cabling and network connectivity.

  2. Ensure that your firewall is not blocking any traffic.

  3. Ensure that threat defense has internet connectivity and the DNS address is resolved to an IP address. See Verify Threat Defense Connectivity with Cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center.

  4. Retry migration for this threat defense from CDO in a new change manager job.

Change Manager Already Exists or in Progress for Source Manager

You can create a threat defense migration job for a on-prem management center only when the previous job is completed.

This error occurs when you create a new job when the previous job is in progress.


  1. Navigate to the migration table to see if another job is in progress for a particular source on premise management center.

  2. Wait for the current migration job to complete.

  3. Initiate the next migration job.