About Multicloud Defense

Multicloud Defense is on a mission to enable organizations with security at the speed of the cloud. The first multi-cloud network security platform delivered as a service, Multicloud Defense was built to combine robust security with cloud-first simplicity and on-demand scale. Powered by a cloud-native architecture that is 10x faster, Multicloud Defense provides an innovative approach to cloud network security called Dynamic Multi-Cloud Policy™, which links continuous visibility with advanced security controls. The result: security that is more effective, adaptable to change, and aligned to cloud agility requirements. With Multicloud Defense, organizations don’t have to compromise in the cloud. They can meet critical security and compliance requirements without inhibiting the speed of the business.

Multicloud Defense Solution currently supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle OCI cloud accounts.

Multicloud Defense Controller is launched from Cisco Defense Orchestrator. If you are new to Cisco Defense Orchestrator and the Multicloud Defense Solution, you can request a CDO tenant along with the Multicloud Defense Controller and start a 90-Day Free Trial of the solution.

This documentation has been prepared for practitioners who have a basic understanding of public cloud networking and security concepts, and participate in various functional teams, including:

  • Cloud Network Security Operations (NetSecOps)

  • Development Operations (DevOps and DevSecOps)

  • Security Operation Centers (SOCs)

  • Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoEs)

You can read the full Multicloud Defense Controller User Guide for more information.