Supported Secure Firewall Management Center and Secure Firewall Threat Defense Software for Migration

This section describes the minimum software requirements for migrating Secure Firewall Threat Defense devices from the following on-prem Secure Firewall Management Center versions:

  • Minimum on-prem management center: 7.2

  • Minimum threat defense: 7.0.3 or 7.2 (not supported for Version 7.1)

On-Prem Management Center 1000/2500/4500 Model-Managed Threat Defense

You can migrate devices to the cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center from an on-prem management center 1000/2500/4500 model. We support a temporary upgrade from Version 7.0 to Version 7.4. You can download the upgrade package here.


The on-prem management center 1000/2500/4500, you would have migrated devices from Version 7.4, which is unsupported for general operations but serves as an interim solution until the migration is complete. To return the on-prem management center to a supported version you must remove the re-migrated devices, reimage back to Version 7.0.x, restore from backup, and re-register the devices.

Unzip (but do not untar) the upgrade package before uploading it to the on-prem management center. To upgrade to Version 7.4, see Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center Upgrade Guide, Version 6.0-7.0.

We recommend upgrading the devices to Version 7.0.x before upgrading the on-prem management center to Version 7.4.


An upgrade is required because Version 7.0 on-prem management centers do not support device migration to the cloud. Version 7.4 is only supported during the device migration and evaluation process. These on-prem management centers will not run any intermediate versions. Only standalone and high availability threat defense devices running Version 7.0.3+ (7.0.5 recommended) are eligible for migration.