View the Migration Actions

The Migration Table screen displays the following:

  • The Migration Name. By default, CDO generates the migration name that is based on the device name. You can also customize this name. See Update the Migration Name.

  • The timestamp of the last migration activity performed on the device.

  • Displays the migration state of the device. For more information on the migration states, see Migration States and Description.

  • Allows you to perform various actions like rename, download log, and so on. For more information on the actions, see Actions and Descriptions.

Migration States and Description

Migration States



Migration in progress.

Parse Error

The parsing is complete, with errors.

Conversion Error

The conversion is complete with errors.

Template Created

The migration is complete. The FDM template is successfully created, but with validation errors.

For more information on fixing the migration errors, see Fix the Migration Errors.

Actions and Description




Resumes from the step where the migration process stopped.

For example, if the migration is complete, then the process resumes from applying the FDM template.


Rename the migration name.


Displays the workflow screen.

Download Log

Allows you to download the log files in the TXT format. This is a parsing log.

Download Report

Allows you to download the report details in the HTML format.


Allows you to view the ASA configuration against which the migration was performed.


Removes the migration and its associated files like the log files.

About Migrations Filters:

If you want to select a different ASA device or a model to migrate to the FDM template, use any of the following options:

  • Filter by Device

  • Filter by Clear option

Filter by Device

You can use many different filters on the Migrations page to find objects you are looking for. The migrations filter allows you to filter by device, state, and time range.

Filter Attributes and the Descriptions

Filter Attribute


Filter by Device

Allows you to select a specific device for migration.


  • Error—Displays the migration list that is based on the parsing errors.

  • Done—Displays the migration list that is based on the FDM template that is successfully created.

Time Range

Start, End—Displays the list of devices based on the selected start and end dates of migration.

Filter by Clear option

  1. Click Clear to clear the filter bar.

  2. Click the (+) icon.

  3. Select a device from the list or search for it by name and select it.

  4. Click Select.

    The FDM Migration screen is displayed.