Deploy Changes to a device

Use this procedure to deploy changes to a single FTD, Meraki, or AWS VPC device.


Step 1

After you make a configuration change for a device using CDO and save it, that change is saved in CDO instance of the device's configuration.

Step 2

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 3

Click the Devices tab.

Step 4

Click the appropriate device type tab. You should see that the configuration status of the device you made changes to is now "Not synced."

Step 5

Deploy the changes using one of these methods:

  • Select the device and in the Not Synced pane on the right, click Preview and Deploy. On the Pending Changes screen, review the changes. If you are satisfied with the pending version, click Deploy Now. After the changes are deployed successfully, you can view the change log to confirm what just happened.

  • Click the Deploy icon at the top-right of the screen. See Preview and Deploy Configuration Changes for All Devices for more information.