Discard Configuration Changes

Click Discard Changes when you want to "undo" all the undeployed configuration changes you made to a device's configuration using CDO. When you click Discard Changes, CDO completely overwrites its local copy of a device's configuration with the configuration stored on the device.

When you click Discard Changes, your device's configuration status is in a Not Synced state. After you discard your changes, the copy of the configuration on CDO will be the same as the copy of the configuration on the device and the configuration status in CDO will return to Synced.

To discard, or "undo," all of your undeployed configuration changes for a device:


Step 1

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab.

Step 3

Click the appropriate device type tab.

Step 4

Select the device you have been making configuration changes to.

Step 5

Click Discard Changes in the Not Synced pane on the right.

  • For FDM-managed devices-CDO warns you that "Pending changes on CDO will be discarded and the CDO configuration for this device will be replaced with the configuration currently running on the device." Click Continue to discard your changes.

  • For Meraki devices-CDO deletes the change immediately.

  • For AWS devices-CDO displays what you are about to delete. Click Accept or Cancel.