Discard On-Prem Firewall Management Center Configuration Changes

If you want to undo all the configuration changes you made in CDO, for instance to the objects that are shared between your CDO and on-prem management center, use this procedure. Note that when you do this, CDO completely overwrites its local copy of the configuration with the configuration stored on the device.


Step 1

In the navigation pane, click Tools & Services > Firewall Management Center.

Step 2

Select the On-Prem Firewall Management Center, for which you want to discard changes.

Step 3

Click Discard Changes in the Not Synced pane on the right.

When you click Discard Changes, your on-prem management center's configuration status is in a Not Synced state. After you discard your changes, the copy of the configuration on CDO will be the same as the copy of the configuration on the on-prem management center and the configuration status in CDO returns to Synced.