Preview and Deploy Configuration Changes for All Devices

CDO informs you when you have made a configuration change to a device on your tenant, but you have not deployed that change, by displaying an orange dot on the Deploy icon
. The devices affected by these changes show the status "Not Synced" in the Devices and Services page. By clicking Deploy, you can review which devices have pending changes and deploy the changes to those devices.

For every new FDM or FTD network object or group that you create and make changes to, CDO creates an entry in this page for all on-prem management centers that are managed by CDO.

This deployment method is available for all supported devices.

You can use this deployment method for single configuration changes or wait and deploy multiple changes at once.


Step 1

In the top right corner of the screen, click the Deploy icon .

Step 2

Select the devices with changes you want to deploy. If a device has a yellow caution triangle, you can not deploy changes to that device. Hover your mouse over the yellow caution triangle to find out why you can't deploy changes to that device.

Step 3

(Optional) If you want to see more information about a pending change, click the View Detailed Changelog link to open the change log associated with that change. Click the Deploy icon to return to the Devices with Pending Changes page.

Step 4

(Optional) Create a change request to track your changes without leaving the Devices with Pending Changes page.

Step 5

Click Deploy Now to deploy the changes immediately to the devices you selected. You'll see the progress in the Active jobs indicator in the Jobs tray.

Step 6

(Optional) After the deployment has finished, click Jobs in the CDO navigation bar. You will see a recent "Deploy Changes" job showing the results of the deployment.

Step 7

If you created a change request label, and you have no more configuration changes to associate with it, clear it.

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