Read All Device Configurations

If a configuration change is made to a device outside of Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO), the device's configuration stored on CDO and the device's local copy of its configuration are no longer the same. You many want to overwrite CDO's copy of the device's configuration with the configuration stored on the device to make the configurations the same again. You can perform this task on many devices simultaneously using the Read All link.

See Reading, Discarding, Checking for, and Deploying Configuration Changes for more information about how CDO manages the two copies of the device's configuration.

Here are three configuration statuses where clicking Read All will overwrite CDO's copy of the device's configuration with the device's copy of the configuration.

  • Conflict Detected-If conflict detection is enabled, CDO polls the devices it manages every 10 minutes for changes made to their configurations. If CDO finds that the configuration on the device has changed, CDO displays a "Conflict detected" configuration status for the device.

  • Synced-If the device is in a synced state, and you click Read All, CDO immediately checks the devices to determine if there have been any changes made to its configurations directly. After clicking Read All, CDO confirms your intent to overwrite its copy of the device's configuration and then CDO performs the overwrite.

  • Not Synced-If the device is in the Not Synced state, and you click Read All, CDO warns you that there are pending changes made to to the device's configuration using CDO and that proceeding with the Read All operation will delete those changes and then overwrite CDO's copy of the configuration with the configuration on the device. This Read All functions like Discard Changes.


Step 1

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab.

Step 3

Click the appropriate device type tab.

Step 4

(Optional) Create a change request label to identify the results of this bulk action easily in the Change Log.

Step 5

Select the devices whose configurations you want to save CDO. Notice that CDO only provides command buttons for actions that can be applied to all the selected devices.

Step 6

Click Read All.

Step 7

CDO warns you if there are configuration changes staged on CDO, for any of the devices you selected, and asks if you want to continue with the bulk reading configurations action. Click Read All to continue.

Step 8

Look at the notifications tab for the progress of the Read All configurations operation.

Step 9

If you created and activated a change request label, remember to clear it so that you don't inadvertently associate other configuration changes with this event.