Delete a Migration Job

If you have completed a migration job and no longer need it to be displayed on the migration page, you can easily remove it by deleting it. This cleans up the migration page and make it easier to navigate.


If you want to delete a migration job during the evaluation period, you must first commit the migration changes or revert the manager to the on-prem management center. Failing to do so may result in an inconsistent state of the on-prem management center, which could be unrecoverable. See Commit Migration Changes Manually.

If you don't have access to your on-prem management center or if it is no longer available and you are blocked from performing a commit or revert, you can delete the job.


Step 1

Choose Tools & Services > Migrate FTD to cdFMC.

Step 2

Click the under the Actions column and then click Remove Migration Job.

Step 3

Click Delete to confirm your action.