Revert the Threat Defense Management to On-Prem Firewall Management Center

You can revert the device management to the on-prem management center during the evaluation period. This means that the devices will no longer be managed through the Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) platform. However, it is important to note that any changes made during the migration process in the CDO will not be reflected in the on-prem management center after reverting threat defense management.


When the threat defense management has been returned to the on-prem management center , you can begin the migration job again to switch the threat defense management to Cisco Defense Orchestrator.


Step 1

In the migration jobs page, click the under the Actions column of a completed job.

Step 2

Click Commit Migration Changes. (This link is available only after a job is completed successfully.)

Step 3

Select a device and in the Commit Actions list, choose Revert Manager to OnPrem FMC.

Step 4

Click Commit executes your specified actions immediately without further confirmation.

Step 5

Deploy the changes to the device from the on-prem management center.