Schedule an Automatic Deployment

The deployment schedule can be a single event or a recurring event. You may find recurring automatic deployments a convenient way to line up recurring deployments with your maintenance window. Follow this procedure to schedule a one-time or a recurring deployment for a single device:


If you schedule a deployment for a device that has an existing deployment scheduled, the new scheduled deployment overwrites the existing deployment.


Step 1

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab.

Step 3

Click the appropriate device type tab.

Step 4

Select one ore more devices.

Step 5

In the Device Details pane, locate the Scheduled Deployments tab and click Schedule.

Step 6

Select when the deployment should occur.

  • For a one-time deployment, click the Once on option to select a date and time from the calendar.

  • For a recurring deployment, click the Every option. You can choose either a daily or once a week deployment. Select the Day and Time the deployment should occur.

Step 7

Click Save.