Work with Command History

After you send a CLI command, CDO records that command in the history pane on the Command Line Interface page. You can rerun the commands saved in the history pane or use the commands as a template:


Step 1

On the Inventory page, select the device you want to configure.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab to locate the device.

Step 3

Click the appropriate device type tab.

Step 4

Click >_Command Line Interface.

Step 5

Click the clock icon to expand the history pane if it is not already expanded.

Step 6

Select the command in the history pane that you want to modify or resend.

Step 7

Reuse the command as it is or edit it in the command pane and click Send. CDO displays the results of the command in the response pane.


CDO displays the Done! message in the response pane in two circumstances:

  • After a command has executed successfully.

  • When the command has no results to return. For example, you may issue a show command with a regular expression searching for a configuration entry. If there is no configuration entry that meets the criteria of the regular expression, CDO returns Done!.