Connect a GCP Project to Multicloud Defense Controller from the CDO Dashboard

Before you begin

You must already have a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project created and have permissions to create VPCs, subnets, and a service account.


Step 1

From the CDO dashboard, click Multicloud Defense in the CDO menu bar.

Step 2

Click the Add Accounts button.

Step 3

Click the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tile.

Step 4

In the Bash Shell Script section:

  1. Click the link to open your Google Cloud Platform Cloud Shell.

  2. Copy the bash shell script command and run it in the Google Cloud Platform Cloud Shell.

  3. Click Next.

Step 5

In the Account Information section:

  1. Give the GCP project a name that you will refer to in the Multicloud Defense Controller.

  2. (Optional) Enter a description.

  3. Click Next.

Step 6

In the IDs section:

  1. Enter the GCP Project ID.

  2. Enter the Client Email. This is also referred to as the "Service Account Email".

  3. Enter the Private Key of the service account.

Step 7

Click Done. .

What to do next

Enable traffic visibility.