View the FTD Dashboard

From the CDO menu, choose Analytics > FTD Dashboard to view the FTD Dashboard.

By default, the home page for your tenant displays the Overview tab.

The dashboard includes widgets that are listed under each tab: Threat, Network, Application and Users, and Status tab.

The following table lists the widgets available under each tab:

Name of the Tab

Available Widgets


All available widgets


  • Top Intrusion Rules

  • Top Intrusion Attackers

  • Top Intrusion Targets

  • Top Malware Signatures

  • Top Malware Senders

  • Top Malware Receivers

  • Malware Events by Disposition


  • Network Activity

  • Event Activity

  • Access Control Actions

  • Top Access Control Policies

  • Top Access Control Rules

  • Top Devices

  • Top Users


  • Unhealthy Devices

  • Top Loaded Devices