About the FTD Dashboard

The FTD dashboard provides you an at-a-glance view of the status, including events data collected and generated by all CDO-managed threat defense devices.

You can use this dashboard to view collective information that is related to the device status and the overall health of the devices in your deployment. The information that the FTD dashboard provides depends on how you license, configure, and deploy the devices in your system. Although, the FTD dashboard displays data for all CDO-managed threat defense devices, you can choose to filter device-based data. You can also choose the time range to display for specific time range.

This dashboard uses tabs to display predefined widgets: small, self-contained components that provide insights into different aspects of the system. For example, the Network Activity widget shows you event graphs that display information about all connection, malware, and intrusion events. The widgets in the dashboard are predefined and cannot be customized. This dashboard is visible to all CDO users who have access to a CDO tenant.

  • The dashboard does not displays any event statistics for historic events.

  • Since the aggregation service batch processes the events to aggregate every five minutes, you can expect a five-minute latency between the time the events are aggregated to the time the statistics are displayed.

FTD Dashboard




Allows you to change the time range to reflect a period as short as the last hour or as long as the last year. When you change the time range, the widgets automatically update the events data to reflect the new time range.


Allows you to filter the events data based on selected devices. If no devices are selected, the widgets display all available events data.


Reinitiates the events data query


Displays the events data in a PDF output format. You can choose to download or save a copy of this PDF on your local machine.