Internet Access Requirements

By default, the dynamic attributes connector is configured to communicate with the Firepower System over the internet using HTTPS on port 443/tcp (HTTPS). If you do not want the dynamic attributes connector to have direct access to the internet, you can configure a proxy server.

The following information informs you of the URLs the dynamic attributes connector use to communicate with the CDO and with external servers.

Dynamic Attributes Connector CDO access requirements
URL Reason
https://fmc-ip/api/fmc_platform/v1/ auth/generatetoken


https://fmc-ip/api/fmc_config/ v1/domain/domain-id/object/dynamicobjects

GET and POST dynamic objects

https://fmc-ip/api/fmc_config/ v1/domain/ domain-id/object/dynamicobjects/ object-id/mappings?action=add

Add mappings

https://fmc-ip/api/fmc_config/ v1/domain/domain-id /object/dynamicobjects/ object-id/mappings?action=remove

Remove mappings

Migration from DockerHub to Amazon ECR

Docker images for the Cisco Secure Dynamic Attributes Connector are being migrated from Docker Hub to Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR).

To use the new field packages, you must allow access through your firewall or proxy to all of the following URLs:

Dynamic Attributes Connector Azure access requirements

The dynamic attributes connector calls built-in SDK methods to get instance information. These methods internally call call (for authentication) and (to get instance information).