Configure a Newly Onboarded Secure Firewall Cloud Native

A newly created Secure Firewall Cloud Native may not have a zero-day configuration depending on the steps you undertook during cluster setup. When you onboard this cluster with no configuration to CDO, the configuration status indicates 'Uninitialized'. You can copy a configuration from another ASA to this firewall and deploy the changes using CDO. You can customize this configuration before deploying the changes to the firewall.


Step 1

In the navigation pane, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab.

Step 3

Click the SFCN tab and select the uninitialized Secure Firewall Cloud Native.

Step 4

Click the Manage Configuration link on the right pane.

Step 5

Click Edit and paste a configuration. You can use a configuration from an existing ASA device or a zero-day configuration template you have prepared separately.

Step 6

Click Save.

Step 7

Return to the Inventory page and preview and deploy the change. See Deploy Configuration Changes by Editing the Device Configuration for more information.