Open a Service Now Request

The Cisco+ Secure Connect Choice solution allows you to open a service request ticket to change AnyConnect services, terminate a VPN session in CDO, change CDO or AnyConnect policies, modify users in CDO, and many more.


Step 1

In the CDO navigation bar, click Secure Connect Choice > Overview.

Alternatively, on the top right corner of the screen, you can click ? > Service Request.

Step 2

Click the Service Now link appearing on the information banner of the screen.

The CX Managed Services Portal page appears.

Step 3

Click Customer Service Catalog.

Step 4

On the left pane, click CSMRA to view the nine service requests you are allowed to create.

Step 5

Click Order on a tile to request changes on that service. The appropriate form opens for you to complete and submit the request.

Step 6

Complete all the relevant fields on the form and click Order Now. All mandatory fields have to be filled to open a request.

A new service request will be opened in Service Now.