Secure Connect Choice Customer Registration Form

When you log in for the first time on the CDO tenant as a Choice Admin, you need to fill in your details to develop a basic profile in our database. These details help us contact you or other personnel in your organization when needed. We can also provide the Doc Exchange portal access to authorized personnel specified in the form.

Filling in the customer details is a one-time activity in CDO. You will see the setup screen in the next login.


Step 1

In the CDO navigation bar, choose Secure Connect Choice > Overview.

Step 2

In the Customer Details area, enter the following details:

  • Company Name: Name of your organization.

  • Company Account Name: Your internal name for Cisco to identify you.

  • Company Street Address: Your company address.

  • Company City: City where your company is located.

  • State and Zip Code: Country code and postal code.

  • Company Industry: Your industry category.

  • Company Contact Name: Name of the contact person in your organization.

  • Contact Email: Contact person's email address.

Step 3

In the CCO Account Information area, specify your Cisco Connection Online ID used for logging into the Cisco website after registration. You can add multiple emails by separating them with a comma. For more information, see How to obtain CCO ID.

Step 4

In the Doc Exchange area, add the email address of users who need access to the doc exchange portal to exchange the documents with Cisco. You can add multiple emails by separating them with a comma.

Step 5

In the Customer Escalation Details area, specify the details of the personnel to be reached for any escalation. You can also add the next-level personnel details to whom the escalation can be made.

Step 6

Click Save.


Click Clear Form to delete the information you entered.

Your information is saved in our records. You can anytime modify the information that is already saved. See Edit Secure Connect Choice Customer Registration Form.

What to do next

Setup a backhaul tunnel connection.