Update AWS VPC Connection Credentials

If you create a new access key and secret access key to connect to the AWS VPC, you must update the connection credentials in CDO. Update the credentials in the AWS console and then update the credentials from the CDO console using the procedure below. See Managing Access Keys for IAM Users (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/id_credentials_access-keys.html) or Creating, Disabling, and Deleting Access Keys for Your AWS Account Root User (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/managing-aws-access-keys.html) for more information.

You cannot change the access key or secret access key from CDO; you must manually manage the connection credentials from the AWS console or the AWS CLI console.


If you have multiple AWS VPCs onboaded to your CDO tenant, you must update the credentials for one device at a time.


Step 1

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab and then click AWS VPC.

Step 3

Select the AWS VPC whose connection credentials you want to update.

You can use the filter and search functionalities to find the required device.

Step 4

In the Device Action pane, click Update Credentials.

Step 5

Enter the new access key and secret access key you want to use to connect to the AWS VPC.

Step 6

Click Update.


If CDO fails to sync the device, the connectivity status in CDO may show "Invalid Credentials." If that's the case, you may have tried to use an invalid username and password combination. See Troubleshoot Invalid Credentials