Update Meraki MX Connection Credentials

If you generate a new API key from the Meraki dashboard, you must update the connection credentials in CDO. To generate a new key, see Generate and Retrieve Meraki API Key for more information. CDO does not allow you to update the connection credentials for the device itself; if necessary, you can manually refresh the API key in the Meraki dashboard. You must manually update the API key in the CDO UI to update the credentials and re-establish communication.


If CDO fails to sync the device, the connectivity status in CDO may show "Invalid Credentials." If that's the case, you may have tried to use an API key. Confirm the API key for the selected Meraki MX is correct.

Use the following procedure to update the credentials for a Meraki MX device:


Step 1

In the left pane, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab and then click the Merakitab.

Step 3

Select the Meraki MX whose connection credentials you want to update.

Step 4

In the Device Actions pane, click Update Credentials.

Step 5

Enter the API key CDO uses to log into the device and click Update. Unless it was changed, this API key is the same credential you used to onboard the Meraki MX. You do not have to deploy these changes to the device.