ASA System Settings Policy in CDO

Introduction to ASA System Settings Policy

Manage your ASA device's operations and functionalities using a System Settings policy. This policy includes essential configurations like domain name services, enabling the secure copy server, message logging, and permitting VPN traffic without checking ACLs. By setting up a policy, you can ensure that your device is properly configured to maintain a secure network environment.

When configuring an ASA device, it's important to note that you have the option to manage multiple devices' settings with a shared system settings policy, or you can individually edit the settings for any single device.

Shared System Settings Policy

A shared system settings policy applies to multiple ASA devices in your network. It makes it possible to configure multiple managed devices at once, which provides consistency in your deployment and streamlines your management efforts. Any changes made to a parameter of a shared policy affect the other ASA devices that use the policy.

Choose Policies > ASA System Settings. See Create an ASA Shared System Settings Policy.

You can also modify the device-specific system settings specific to a single ASA device to override the shared system settings policy values. Choose Inventory > ASA device > Management > Settings. See Configure or Modify Device Specific System Settings.