Update ASA Connection Credentials in CDO

In the process of onboarding an ASA, you entered the username and password CDO must use to connect to the device. If those credentials are changed on the device, use the Update Credentials device action to update those credentials on CDO as well. This feature allows you to update the credentials on CDO without having to re-onboard the device. The username and password combination you switch to must already exist on the ASA or Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) server for that user. This process only affects the Cisco Defense Orchestrator database; no changes to the ASA configuration are made when using the Update Credentials feature.


Step 1

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the Devices tab and then click ASA.

Step 3

Select the ASAs whose connection credentials it is you want to update. You can update the credentials on one or multiple ASAs at once.

Step 4

In the Device Actions pane, click Update Credentials.

Step 5

Select the Cloud Connector or the Secure Device Connector (SDC) you use to connect the ASA(s) to CDO.

Step 6

Enter the new username and password you want to use to connect to the ASAs.

Step 7

After the credentials are changed, CDO syncs the device.


If CDO fails to sync the device, the connectivity status in CDO may show "Invalid Credentials." If that's the case, you may have tried to use an invalid username and password combination. Make sure the credentials you want to use are stored on your ASA or AAA server, and try again.