Multicloud Defense 90-Day Free Trial

When you log into your CDO tenant, you will see a wizard that guides you through connecting your cloud accounts to Multicloud Defense so that you can manage them with a free 90-day trail of Multicloud Defense Controller. The 90-day trial experience offers the full functionality of a paid-subscription to Multicloud Defense Controller.

Multicloud Defense Easy Setup

Click Get Started to begin your 90 day trial. This begins the process of provisioning the Multicloud Defense Controller.


Easy Setup supports the following Cloud Providers:

  • Account Onboarding: AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI

  • Enable Traffic Visibility: AWS (Flow Logs, DNS Query Logs), Azure (Flow Logs), GCP (VPC flow logs, DNS Query Logs)

  • Create Services VPC/VNet: AWS, Azure, GCP

  • Create Gateways: AWS, Azure, GCP

Although Services VCN orchestration is not supported for OCI (requires the user to create the Services VCN using the Cloud Provider console), the Gateway orchestration is supported in Multicloud Defense Controller. Open Multicloud Defense Controller and navigate Manage > Gateways > Add Gateway.

Connect Cloud Accounts

After Multicloud Defense Controller is provisioned, the Connect a Cloud Account page opens and you can connect any of the types of cloud accouns shown to Multicloud Defense Controller.

The first step is to onboard a set of one or more Cloud Accounts. This allows the Multicloud Defense Controller to interact with each account by discovering inventory and traffic, orchestrating security deployment, and creating and managing policy.

Follow these instructions to connect your cloud accounts:

Enable Visibility

Afer onboarding your cloud accounts, enable traffic visibility for that cloud account. In the Multicloud Defense in CDO, click Enable Visibility.

Enabling traffic visibility provides awareness into the traffic flows within the Cloud Accounts by collecting VPC/VNet Flow Logs and DNS Query Logs. The Flow and DNS Query logs are used by Multicloud Defense to understand traffic flow, correlate with threat intelligence feeds, and provide insight into existing threats that can be protected using Multicloud Defense.

Enabling traffic visibility is a different process for every cloud account type, but typically you will need to identiy account characteristics such as your cloud account's region, VPC/Vnet you want to monitor, network security groups, and a cloud storage account for logs.

View Traffic on your Cloud Account

Now that you have enabled traffic visibility, view traffic moving through your cloud account, and look for malicious traffic that needs to be protected against.

  1. Log into CDO.

  2. In the CDO navigation panel, click Multicloud Defense.

  3. In the upper right corner, select Multicloud Defense Controller to open the controller in a new browser tab.

  4. In the Multicloud Defense portal navigate Discover > Traffic > Topology.

  5. Use the Filters and Search bar to find the cloud account you want to monitor.

  6. In the Global View view, add Malicious Traffic to your filtering.

  7. Click through the malicious traffic bubble to see information in the Region View about country of origin, IP address, FQDN, Service an Port that are affected.

Secure Your Cloud Account

Based on your known security needs, and after monitoring traffic, you can secure your accout using a centralized hub and spoke model or a distributed vodel.

Use the Secure Your Account wizard to setup a Service VPC and Multicloud Defense Gateway to secure your account.

  1. Log into CDO.

  2. In the CDO navigation panel, click Multicloud Defense.

  3. In the upper right corner, select Multicloud Defense Controller to open the controller in a new browser tab.

  4. In the Multicloud Defense Controller dashboard, click Setup in the navigation panel.

  5. Click the button to Secure Account on the Setup page.
  6. Click Centralized or Distributed, click Next and continue with the wizard setup.

    See Security Gateway Overview for more information about the Multicloud Defense architecture.

Relaunching Easy Setup

After you complete the Easy Setup workflow on the CDO dashboard to start your 90-day free trial, you can't re-launch it. However, the Easy Setup wizard does exist in Multicloud Defense Controller to help you connect and configure other cloud accounts at a later time:

  1. From the CDO dashboard, click Multicloud Defense in the CDO menu bar.

  2. Click the Multicloud Defense Controller button.

  3. On the Multicloud Defense dashboard, click Setup in the Multicloud Defense menu bar.