View Migrated Devices

The migrated devices appear on the Inventory page in CDO. You can cross-launch and configure the required feature on the cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center.


The devices on the cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center device listing page may show No-IP instead of the device's management IP address. Because the device registration uses the NAT ID, the device initiates the process, and therefore, the management IPs aren't discovered or used for the connection. Note that this applies to newly onboarded devices and devices migrated from the on-prem management center.

Analytics Only Threat Defense Device Example

CDO creates two instances of the same device that is configured to retain on the management center for analytics.

The device instance with FMC FTD and Analytics Only labels shows that the management center handles the analytics. The device instance with the FTD label indicates that CDO manages its configuration.

You can manage the configuration of the device using CDO. To see the device in the cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center, do the following:

Select the device having FTD label and in the Management pane on the right, click Device Summary.

You can view the events from the device in the management center. To see the events, do the following:

  1. Select the device having FMC FTD and Analytics Only labels and on the right, click the Manage Devices link.

  2. Log on to the on premise management center.

  3. Click Device > Device Management.

You can't select this device as CDO manages the configuration. The management center shows the CDO Managed label for this device.

To see the live events in the management center, click Analysis > Events.