Restore a Secure Firewall ASA Configuration


Step 1

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 2

Click the ASA tab.

Step 3

Select the ASA whose configuration it is you want to restore.

Step 4

In the Management pane, click Restore.

Step 5

In the Restore page, select the configuration you want to revert to.

For example, in the picture above, the configuration from 1/31/2023 is selected.

Step 6

Compare the "Latest Running Configuration Verified by CDO" and the "Selected Configuration from <date>" to ensure you want to restore the configuration displayed in the Selected Configuration from <date> window. Use the Previous and Next to compare all the changes.

Step 7

Click Restore, this stages the configuration in CDO. On the Inventory page, you see that the configuration status of the device is now "Not Synced."

Step 8

Click Deploy Changes... in the right-hand pane to deploy the changes and sync the ASA.