Preview and Deploy On-Prem Firewall Management Center Configurations

If you have made configuration changes to an object, for instance, changing a value or adding an override to an object, you can deploy all of those changes at once to your on-prem management center:


Note that this task only pushes the configuration changes to the on-prem management center. Ensure you manually deploy these changes to your threat defense devices on your on-prem management center. See Configuration Deployment in the Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center Device Configuration Guide for more information.


Step 1

In the navigation pane, click Tools & Services > Firewall Management Center and select the On-Prem Firewall Management Center, to which you want to preview and deploy changes.


CDO detects that your on-prem management center is out of sync and displays the status as Not Synced.

Step 2

Click Preview and Deploy on the details pane on the right.

Step 3

Review any warnings and click Deploy Now. The deployment starts immediately without a review of the changes. Click Discard All if you do not want to proceed with the deploy after previewing.

Step 4

Alternatively, you can also click the button at the top-right of the screen to view the Devices with Pending Changes window. Select the devices you want and review the pending changes on the devices that you selected before you deploy them.

Step 5

Click Deploy Now to deploy the changes.