Create a New Cisco Security Cloud Sign On Account and Configure Duo Multi-factor Authentication

The initial sign-on workflow is a four-step process. You need to complete all four steps.


Step 1

Sign Up for a New Cisco Security Cloud Sign On Account.

  1. Open

  2. At the bottom of the sign in screen, click Sign up now.

  3. Provide the following information to create enterprise account.

    Here are some tips:

    • Email: Enter the email address that you will eventually use to log in to CDO.

    • Password: Enter a strong password.

  4. Click Sign up.

    Cisco sends you a verification email to the address you registered with. Open the email and click Activate account.

Step 2

Set up Multi-factor Authentication Using Duo

We recommend using a mobile device when setting up multi-factor authentication.

  1. In the Set up multi-factor authentication screen, click Configure factor.

  2. Click Start setup and follow the prompts to choose a mobile device and verify the pairing of that mobile device with your account.

    For more information, see Duo Guide to Two Factor Authentication: Enrollment Guide. If you already have the Duo app on your device, you'll receive an activation code for this account. Duo supports multiple accounts on one device.

  3. At the end of the wizard click Continue to Login.

  4. Log in to Cisco Security Cloud Sign On with the two-factor authentication.

Step 3

(Optional) Setup Google Authenticator as an additional authenticator

  1. Choose the mobile device you are pairing with Google Authenticator and click Next.

  2. Follow the prompts in the setup wizard to setup Google Authenticator.

Step 4

Configure Account Recovery Options for your Cisco Security Cloud Sign On

  1. Choose a recovery phone number for resetting your account using SMS.

  2. Choose a security image.

  3. Click Create My Account.