Create a CLI Macro from a New Command


Step 1

Before you create a CLI macro, test the command in CDO's Command Line Interface to make sure the command syntax is correct and it returns reliable results.


Step 2

In the navigation bar, click Inventory.

Step 3

Click the Devices tab to locate the device.

Step 4

Click the appropriate device type tab and select an online and synced device.

Step 5

Click >_Command Line Interface.

Step 6

Click the CLI macro favorites star to see what macros already exist.

Step 7

Click the the plus button .

Step 8

Give the macro a unique name. Provide a description and notes for the CLI macro if you wish.

Step 9

Enter the full command in the Command field.

Step 10

Replace the parts of the command that you would want to modify, when you run the command, with a parameter name surrounded by curly braces.

Step 11

Click Create. The macro you create is available for use on all the devices of that type, not just the one you initially specified.

To run the command see, Running CLI Macros on your Device.